Chris Cornelius

Chris Cornelius

the founder


We are the Cornelius Family, and we simply wanted to improve our health and our way of life by knowing and raising what we were eating. We think you should know what you’re eating too! For Chris, this is an opportunity to return to his roots, and for his family to have the same experience he had growing up.  We believe in a better quality of food; better than what you find in your average grocery store.

Currently, we naturally raise: Black Angus Cattle, Buff Orpington Chickens with large brown eggs, Missouri Super Egg Chickens with large white eggs, and American Buckfast Bee’s for pure honey.  We always have new projects in the works, but want to make sure we do everything the right way before we offer anything to you. We’d love for you to subscribe to our newsfeed, so you can stay connected with anything else we have to offer in the future.

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