April Update

A long over due ‘Hello’ from Cornelius Farmstead! The last you heard from us was the beginning of 2014.. YOWZA! Since then, the farm has still been farming and bee’s are still buzzing.

Chris and Raquel enjoyed this past winter as a break from our typical Houston heat, but that heat is quickly creeping back up on us. Here we are, with spring in full bloom, the chickens have come out of molt and production has really picked up! This past summer we extracted a ton of honey from our bee hives. A two day, delicious process! And on that note, we are really excited that will be holding egg and honey sales again starting this Tuesday! This is our favorite part of the farmstead; sharing what we work so hard to harvest and bring “farm to table” ingredients into your home for your family to enjoy.

Here are some recent pictures of whats going on around the Farmstead with some updates, enjoy!


Last winter we planted the pasture with Winter Rye grass, It grew beautifully! So lush and full! The entire pasture was this rich shade of green that if you looked long enough would start to look like sea waves. In the weeks the grass was growing we kept the cows off those sections of pasture to allow the grass to fully grow. They were not too happy about that! Brutus was getting impatient and started eyeballing it everyday. When it was finally time to let them on the fresh grass, they went to town on it! That crunch and pull of the first bites… oh man… grass has never sounded so good! I wanted to take a bite myself! Don’t worry, I didn’t!


The Cows are doing great! Like I said, enjoying that Winter Rye grass. A couple weeks ago Brutus got him self stuck in the hay ring… Which wouldn’t have been that big a deal, if it only happened once. Chris had to give him a firm talking-to about how he does not appreciate having to shove the head of  an almost 1 ton, big baby of bull, out of the opening of the hay ring and thrust it up till it’s standing on its side and hope, HOPE that he moves out of the way in time before a full grown bull comes charging out of there. In the end, Brutus is such a chill guy, he just stood there, waiting for Chris to move the ring. No charging, no bucking. He had the attitude of “Sorry you have to do this again, dad”


Last fall Chris and Raquel extracted honey from all 16 of the bee hives, still leaving enough to last the bees through the winter and then some. We pulled 500 POUNDS of honey!!! Isn’t that crazy!? Those queen bees did an excellent job last year, and we can’t wait to see their hard work from this year!

So I have two pictures of the bees below i’d like to explain. One day last winter we were walking the pasture and went to check on the hives. They were very quiet when we got over there, usually they are buzzing and flying around, but there was none of that going on. It was like the boxes were brand new empty boxes but we didn’t want to open them incase there were bees still inside. So Chris gets up close and puts his ear to one of the boxes and gives it knock on the side.. instantly, it was like we flipped a switch to turn on a motor. A bee motor! They were all waking up, and after about a minute they send this little guy to scout it out, picture #1. But it’s still pretty quiet outside the boxes, they didn’t all come flooding out to attack or anything. So we take a peak through the porch of the hive and we see picture #2 below. This was the best picture I could get, so it might be a little hard to make out. The bees were all huddled in a ball to keep warm! It was creepy as all get out, but pretty amazing to see!



Last year we got two batches of chicks to add to the family. We kept them in the brooder and introduced them to the other chickens after a few weeks when they were ready. Now they are all fully grown and laying the most beautiful brown eggs. There was one chick that got injured right before we moved the new chicks out to the coop, so we kept her in the brooder hoping she would heal and get better. She did after about a week but by that time the chicks she grew up with… well, lets just say they weren’t playing fair on the playground. So now her name is Bertha and she lives in the yard with our pup Ellie. They have become quiet the pair, Raquel catches them sleeping and cuddled together. It’s pretty cute! And I can’t believe I don’t have ANY pictures of them! BUT… We’re pretty sure that Ellie is really only friends with Bertha for the eggs 🙂

Thanks for getting updated on the farmstead! Check back soon for more! And check out our Facebook page for info on Egg and Honey sales!


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