Hello 2014!


We hope everyone’s year is off to good start! We had a busy 2013, and we’re ready to tackle 2014! Here are some pictures of whats going been going on around the farm!


Our baby chicks are all grown up and moved into the big girl coops, and they have just started laying eggs! They’ve grown up so fast, and they all made fast friends with the older girls.


We had litter of Lab pups this winter, and just saw the last one off to his new home! There were 9 total and each one  was a great pup and so stinking adorable!!


The Cattle are doing great! We have a few new calves running around, and they just took the first grazing off the Winter Rye Grass. And they LOVED it!


We have the garden for this year planned out, and its about time to pull out the tractor tools from the weeds!

IMG_9065a IMG_9537

When we harvested our Honey this past season, we only jared about half of the 57 lbs. we extracted. Well we were so pleased when we sold out so fast and received so many compliments on our Farm Fresh Honey, that we need to jar the other half! We’ve ordered a bucket warmer to melt the crystalized honey, and we will be knocking that out within the next few weekends!

We’re really excited for the new year what it will bring! Thanks for keeping up with us!



Monthly Update: May

Hey everybody i’m Hannah, Chris’ daughter, welcome to the farm! I’ll be the one to update you on all things farm. So i’ll get right to an update. Early this week we had our first egg sell! It went great! We had so much fun packing eggs and meeting new friends. The chickens are doing awesome and laying generously, yesterday they enjoyed a tasty snack of watermelon rinds. We have some new features to add to our egg cartons that we are very excited about! (the ones pictured are just temporary) I will definitely have some pictures for y’all once thats all settled. Also, we are in the process of getting more chickens! But i’ll have more info on that next time.

As for the Bees if you saw our Facebook page, we set up a new hive last week which is doing very well, and we also added two supers to another hive that is full with honey! We are very happy about that!

Last but not least! Our garden is coming along very nicely, has of now we have planted: grapes, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, peppers, watermelon, corn and several herbs. Here’s our corn, top pic was taken 2 weeks ago and the bottom today.

Nice to meet you guys. Check back later for more updates and EGG-citing news! I just had to!



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