The Farmstead

our black angus cattle

From the desire to raise our own beef at a higher quality than available in any grocery market, we began with a small herd of four registered Black Angus cows and three calves. We then searched for a bull with superior genetics from Ash Angus LLC in Stamford, Texas, that would help us to get the most out of our new herd. Today it has grown to a total of 22 head, and we’re nearly always anticipating a newborn.

Genetics alone aren’t the only important factor we look to as qualitifications in the cattle we raise – diet is crucial. Our cows are free to roam the pastures, grazing on grass all day at the Farmstead, just as they were created to do. The herd is rotated regularly from pasture to pasture, allowing the grass a chance to grow to its highest potential and nutritional value.  One of the most important factors about us is our beef is completely Hormone and Steroid free.

the beehives

We started with three new hives of American Buckfast bees this past year, which came from R. Weaver Apiaries in Texas. We are constantly fascinated  at the daily workings of the bees and how amazing they really are.  The first year of a hive is an establishing stage in which the hive can build up and become a strong unit. We’re looking for a great harvest of honey in the future, as the worker bees have been busy building up the hives.


We raise Buff Orpington chickens and have started all our birds from just day old chicks.  These are large, stately birds that have a quiet disposition. Their heavy, full plumage makes them excellent winter layers, shelling out eggs right through cold weather. They also make excellent setters and mothers and their eggs are large and brown. Their meat is white skinned, plump, and juicy, which makes them a beautiful eating bird as well. They’re a great dual-purpose bird to raise.

We also have a few hybrid chickens that are called the Missouri Super Egg Machine from Marti’s Poultry. These are a docile white chicken almost like a Leghorn and they lay large white eggs.  They have a very good conversion rate of food-egg production and so far we’ve been very pleased with them.

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